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May 7, 2017: Fucking Sexy
Just had to post this pic ... I know she's my wife and I love her to death but she really is fucking Hot

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May 14, 2017: Frank's Slut

This guy Frank is one of her favorites. He's a great guy but he likes it rough ... I mean really fucking rough and really fucking nasty. She's fucked him a few times and every one is hotter to watch than the last. Candy actually called him one night and invited him over. I came home to find them in the hot tub with her mouth wrapped around his big cock. Before I could get in the house and change my clothes, they walked into the bedroom and he had her on all fours with his cock up in her, slapping her ass and pulling her hair and calling her every name in the book ... and she was cumming all over the place. He finally pulled out and lifted her on top of him. He shoved three fingers in her and bit her clit till she squirted all over his face and in his mouth ... then he fucked her again and filled her with a huge load of cum!!

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May 21, 2017: I Love to Watch
Candy's been fucking this guy literally for years. He's probably fucked her over 100 times ... at his house, our house, at swing clubs and even against a wall outside of a bar. She can't get enough of his Black cock and pretty much fucks him whenever and wherever he wants. He's as much of an exhibitionist as she is and they both get off on the fact that I'm watching her take every inch of his Black cock ... and I fucking love it. He just flat fucks her like an absolute slut and she loves it

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May 28, 2017: Two on One

Had a great fucking night last night ... I watched two guys bang my wife like a fucking whore. I mean these guys fucked her about every way and in every combination you can imagine. She'd been out with her girlfriends and apparently met a bunch of Army guys in town for training. They all ended up drinking together for what was clearly quite a while and were all half in the bag when she and two young guys walked through the door. The look on their faces when they saw me was fucking priceless! They looked at me, looked at Candy, looked at each other and just kinda stood there ... "Don't worry," she said grabbing both their crotches at once, "He's cool." They looked back at me and I just smiled and nodded and with that, they all three disappeared up the stairs.

It was real quiet for a few minutes and as I stepped into the doorway, Candy was totally naked, lying on the bed. One guy had his cock in her mouth and the other had three fingers jammed up inside of her and I could tell she was loving it. Finally, the one guy crawled up between her legs and pushed his cock into her and fucked her with long strokes until he pushed all the way in, held perfectly still and came deep inside of her. He rolled off of her and switched places with the other guy and as she sucked his cock back to life, his friend started fucking her. Within a few seconds, she started cumming and fucking back up to the guy and then she started squirting. He was soaked, the sheets were soaked and he fucking lost it. He pumped her so hard that she kept losing the other guy's cock and after not too long, he came in her, too. These guys took turns on her for close to two hours and by the time they left, she was covered in cum and her pussy was red, and swollen and cum was literally rolling out of her

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