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June 4, 2017: It's a Party
Probably the best thing about this whole lifestyle is that it's pretty much an ongoing party and wherever we're at, it'll be a good time. We were at Fantasy fest in Key West when she started flirting with some college guys in Fat Tuesdays bar which is kind of the home base for the 20 something crowd. They were drinking frozen drinks and doing shots and as usual, things got a little out of control. One guy grabbed her, another put his hand on her boob and a third guy moved her shorts aside and started eating her out at the bar. She ended up fucking all three of them that night while I sat back and watched

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June 11, 2017: Parking Lot

My wife has this real thing for fucking strangers. She absolutely gets off on picking some guy up and letting him fuck her ... no strings attached, sometimes no last names and most of the time, no condoms.

We'd been sitting at the bar in a chic little restaurant on Palm Beach one night. Candy had been talking to the guy sitting beside her as I nursed a beer and bullshitted around with the barmaid. After an hour or so, the guy got to leave, gave her a kiss on the cheek and out he went. "That guy was fucking Hot!" Candy said. "I think I'll see if he wants to come home with us, OK?" She knew the answer and hopped off the barstool and walked out. I sat there for a few minutes and finally couldn't resist trying to find out what was going on. I really figured I might walk out and see her bent over the hood of a car with his cock buried in her but when I did see her, she was leaning in the window of his Corvette. I sat back on someone's car and took in the scene ... she looked great ... and I knew she'd end up with this guy; I just didn't know how. After a few minutes, she walked around and got in the passenger's side and in about a second, her head disappeared into his lap. I knew she was sucking his cock and walked closer to get a better look and sure enough, she was. He was finger fucking her and she was jerking him off into her mouth and just as I got real close, I heard him kinda groan as he came in her mouth. Neither of them knew I was there and in just a few minutes, Candy got out of the car and headed back in the bar. By the time she was finished in the ladies room, I was back on my barstool and just smiled as she sat back down beside me. "So, how'd it go?" I asked ...

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June 18, 2017: Fucked Like a Slut
I gotta tell you, my wife takes the concept of open marriage to a whole new level. Not sure how long this little interlude had been going on but this is what I saw when I walked in the door one evening last week. Candy's 'Boy Toy' had her flat on her back on the chaise in our living room, her skirt up around her hips and he was seriously pouring the cock to her. He's over at the house pretty often so the fact that he was there and the fact that he was fucking her wasn't a complete surprise. The fact that they had the house open and I could hear her screaming from the driveway was another story. And when I walked in, they didn't even break stride ... he kept fucking her and she kept screaming. She gave me a smile and reached out and patted my leg as I walked past them to get my camera then went right back to taking his cock. All in all, a little strange to most people but it was quite a hot scene and I melded right in shooting the video

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June 25, 2017: Nailed to the Wall
What I really like to see is my wife just getting her ass nailed to the wall. I mean I love to see some guy just fuck the shit out of her ... hard and rough and fast; just exactly the way she likes it. I set her up with these three guys one night when we were out drinking. She had been flirting with them off and on for about an hour and finally, I just walked over to them and asked them if they wanted to fuck her. Their response was, 'Ya, right," with an implied get real asshole, attached and I kinda shrugged and walked away. Candy kept up the eye contact with the Black guy and it wasn't too long till he came over, looked at me and asked if we were for real. Candy reached up and whispered something to him and within about a minute, we were on our way to the door. Fast forward thirty minutes and I was watching my wife lying nude on a stranger's bed taking turns sucking two cocks. And it went from there ... these guys took turns fucking her and I mean seriously fucking her and it went on for close to two hours. By the time they were finished, she was covered in cum, both inside and out and her pussy was red and swollen ... and she was fucking worn out. The guys were high fiving me and thanking me profusely as I helped her get dressed and out the door. 

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