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April 2, 2017: My Wife is a Slut
My wife is a slut. Pure and simple, no bullshit, no fantasies, no pretending; she's a slut. She loves to fuck and she especially loves to fuck strangers; guys she meets in bars, online, at the gym and almost anywhere else. She truly brings new meaning to the concept of "Open Marriage" and she takes whoring around to a whole new level ... and I love every minute of it. Hell, it was my idea and what many years ago started out as my fantasy is now big time reality and it's better than I could have ever imagined.

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April 9, 2017: Trashy Women
For as long as I can remember, I've had this thing for slutty women; I mean seriously slutty women. Even back in high school, I didn't give a fuck about the pretty cheerleaders all the guys wanted, I was more interested in the the quiet girl in study hall who everyone said fucked Black guys. Interestingly enough, my girlfriend Candy, fell more on the cheerleader side of the equation. While not quite that far to the right, she was pretty but straight, very straight and surprisingly, just after we began our sophomore year, I fucked her ... and I kept fucking her ... and a few years later, I married her. And all this time, she was faithful, she was outwardly conservative, never showing interest in anyone else and best of all, behind closed doors, fucking me like a woman possessed ... and it was great. BUT ... I still had this thing for trashy women and over the years, I encouraged her to dress more sexy, show a lot more skin and pretty much act like a slut. And you know what, she did it ... if only to please me ... but she still did it nonetheless and I loved it. I kept pushing it farther, putting her in positions for guys to hit on her and eventually, directly asking her to fuck someone then come home and tell me about it ... and that's where she drew the line. I didn't stop though and kept it up; creating the fantasy and doing my best to make it hers as much as mine and over the years, it actually began to work. I could see the changes in her, see the changes when we had sex and see the way she responded to the advances of other guys. Fast forward about ten years after this all started and I actually set her up with a friend of ours who literally fucked the shit out of her while I watched the whole thing ... and I fucking loved it. It was way better than I ever imagined and the best part was, she liked it as much as I did and it changed our relationship forever ... and not in a bad way

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April 16, 2017: I Created a Slut

So, the bottom line is that after close to ten years of trying, I created a slut ... a real life beautiful woman who loves me to death and pretty much can't get enough cock. Exactly what I always wanted. It's true, my wife loves cock. She loves to fuck strangers and she's fucked over 100 men ... white guys, Black guys, guys her age and younger guys ... guys she's met at bars, at the gym, online and almost anywhere you can think of. She's pretty much a real, true slut and I love it.

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April 23, 2017: In with Both Feet
After years of talking about it, fantasizing about it and playing all the bedroom games, we ended up at Platos-Repeat swingers club in Fort Lauderdale. The place was fucking awesome and way more than either of us ever expected ... and we were scared shitless! We stayed together and had probably one or two too many drinks when finally a good looking Black guy came to our table and asked Candy to dance. Of course, I encouraged her and watched mesmerized as they were pretty much all over each other on the dance floor. After a few dances, he took her hand and led her to the back room and I followed nearly as close as she was following him. They were on a sofa, making out, with his hand up under her dress and she was quickly getting lost in the whole thing. She broke the kiss, looked at me and asked, "Are you sure about this?" As I shook my head yes and she raised up and allowed him to pull off her panties. Things became kind of a blur but I distinctly remember seeing his huge Black cock slide inside her and seeing her react like I'd never imagined she would or could. he fucked her three times that night and came in her twice and I can't count the number of orgasms she had. Pretty much after that, it was full tilt and game on and whatever other clichés you can think of ... we were both all in and we've never looked back.

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April 30, 2017: Exhibition
So we're at this house party one night and it's actually pretty quiet. A couple of couples had moved to one of the bedrooms and everyone else is kind of drinking and hanging out. Candy's playing around with a couple of guys when all of a sudden they pick her up, pull her dress over her head and throw her on to the dining room table, right in the middle of the food, drinks, napkins, everything. One climbs over her and shove his cock in her mouth and the other one pushes his cock up in her and just fucks the shit out of her ... right there in front of everybody. She was oblivious to anyone except these two guys and she ended up squirting all over them, the floor and the table

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